Senior Director of Market Development, immixGroup

Mr. Wilkinson is responsible for managing and expanding immixGroup’s capabilities in specific technology categories including cybersecurity, big data and analytics, cloud computing, enterprise mobility, IT infrastructure, and business and operations applications. He works with immixGroup’s technology vendors and channel partners to help them better align their products and go-to-market strategies to serve the needs of their government customers. He is also responsible for enhancing technical fluency among immixGroup’s employees and leading the company’s lead generation and new client acquisition efforts. Mr. Wilkinson has nearly 10 years of public sector business development experience. He led the growth of immixGroup’s cybersecurity technology category, expanding our partnerships over a 6-year period from 15 manufacturers to over 90, making it one of the most comprehensive portfolios of cybersecurity software offerings available to government. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh.