President, North California District
A History of Leadership Rosemary Turner has 36 years of experience in the transportation industry with leadership skills that have empowered her expertise in analyzing market strategies to increase profitability, managing business operations, implementing organizational and cultural change and delivering on execution. In addition, she facilitates a cross-functional team and oversees account-based revenue of more than $1 billion. She advances positive people relationships that together foster public and community relations. Global Business Acumen with Local Impact Ms. Turner is responsible for providing overall vision in a global business environment and implementing long- and short-term strategies that emphasize performance and growth. She oversees the promotion of a customer-centric focus, which comprises a portfolio of logistical and technological solutions to help businesses of all sizes compete and grow. In her current role as president of the North California District, Ms. Turner drives local economies by ensuring logistical capabilities to support current and new businesses. With over 17,000 employees traveling the streets and highways of Northern and Central California and Northern Nevada, including the metropolitan cities of Bakersfield, Oakland, Reno, San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Barbara, she has a comprehensive view of the global marketplace and her role within it. Community Ms. Turner is also actively engaged within the community. She is a former executive Board of Director for the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. She serves as the Vice-Chair for the Comcast Diversity & Inclusion Council and is a Board of Director for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the Bay Area Council Executive Committee and Co-Chair of the Transportation Committee. Ms. Turner is a member of the Board of Trustees for Loyola Marymount University where she chairs the Technology Committee as well as the President of the African American Alumni Association. She is also a member of the Board of Trustees for Pacific Region Boys & Girls Club. Ms. Turner has been an inspiration within the community everywhere she has resided. Her energy and tenacity are unparalleled. With a true enthusiasm for giving, her passion includes improving educational initiatives and programs for young people and mentoring young female professionals. Dedicated to enhancing personal growth and influence for women in the workplace and community, Ms. Turner is a shining example for women across the country. Her commitment to mentoring young professionals and diverse groups of women have helped enhance their entrepreneurial and networking skills, while guiding their professional development through community involvement. Commitment to Women and Future Generations Ms. Turner has been committed to mentoring young professionals and diverse groups of women. She has helped enhance their entrepreneurial and networking skills while guiding their professional development through community involvement. When Ms. Turner first arrived in Philadelphia she became a member of the CEO Access Network. Guiding young, entry level women, they have grown professionally and personally into successful, independent entrepreneurs under Ms. Turner’s tutelage. Take for example, a young woman whom she met at the age of seven during a volunteer event for the Boys and Girls Club in Omaha, NE. Fourteen years later, she has developed into a successful young professional who is currently attending college and has developed a lifelong relationship with Ms. Turner. Ms. Turner’s past participation on the Urban League of Philadelphia board and membership with the Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP), sponsored by the National Urban League, has enabled Ms. Turner to visit historical black colleges to speak with students and seek mentors. Ms. Turner has addressed and been the keynote speaker at numerous events empowering, inspiring and challenging women to make a difference, including the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, American Bar Association’s Rainmakers Workshop, Network of Women in Computer Technology (NWCT) Seminar, and the Union League of Women Voters. She also has interviewed with author Selena Rezvani, offering career advice to women looking to climb the ranks in business and Next for Women Founder and CEO Whitney Wilkerson, providing advice for young women to learn, engage and succeed in their professional lives. She shares her personal story as a latch-key kid growing up in Compton, Los Angeles, CA and how, through her mother’s motivation, she has developed into who she is today.