Open-Science Advocate; President
Sage Bionetworks
Stephen Friend is the founder and President of Sage Bionetworks (2009). He has dedicated his career to untangling the complex ways that our genes, our environments, and our choices combine to form our health. He has pursued his passion from academic research at Harvard and MIT through entrepreneurial success (Rosetta Inpharmatics) and through being a SVP for Oncology at Merck & Co., Inc. At Sage Bionetworks, he has built an organization that connects a new way of doing scientific data analysis online to new methods for engaging citizens directly into previously closed research processes. Under his leadership, Sage Bionetworks develops technology platforms for data-intensive analysis, governance platforms for data sharing and reuse, runs challenges to solve complex biomedical problems and performs cutting edge computational biology and research. Most recently has co-led “The Resilience Project” with Eric Schadt and Jason Bobe that looks for protective genes in apparently healthy individuals, and in mHealth- coordinates Sage’s efforts on several of Apple’s Open Source ResearchKit apps including the building of these apps and the building out of the back-end so that qualified researchers worldwide can share their data on “Synapse” which is an Open Biomedical Research Platform.