Portfolio Director
As a Portfolio Director at IDEO, Hailey is a co-conspirator. She forges relationships with people who want to stretch the applications of design thinking and open up new frontiers in the process. Her goal is to move organizations in ways that will move the market too. Hailey is working with clients and partners to bring deep humanity to financial services and fearlessness to government. Over the past four years, she has led IDEO's work with the nascent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to engage and empower consumers through new data and tools for decision-making. She has worked to improve people's relationship with their money (and the products and services in-between) through work with credit card companies, banks, asset managers, and the Social Security Administration. In her work with the Department of State, Office of Personnel Management, the New York DMV, and Community Solutions - she has seen first-hand the power of design thinking to unlock new levels of impact for the common good. Tufts University is Hailey's alma mater, where she studied International Relations and Latin American Studies. Current areas of informal study include parenting, quilting, positive psychology, and the future of work.