Singer/Songwriter, Innovator

Beatie Wolfe has been hailed as the definition of a 21st century artist with a truly classic sound. Described as “ground-breaking" (The Independent), Beatie's career has taken her from being the artist who pioneered the World's First 3D Interactive Album App for her album 8ight - which led to a world tour with Apple - to Official British Ambassador for Creativity (Britain is GREAT campaign). Beatie is also PopJam's star musician with an audience of half a million children, and Musical Director of a "profound" (The Times) new research project looking at the Power of Music for people with dementia. With echoes of Leonard Cohen throughout her songwriting - described by GQ as "beautiful melodies which envelop the listener as she delicately describes the poetry and tragedy of relationships" - and with a voice which her musical mentor Wynton Marsalis calls "simply captivating," Beatie Wolfe is both a must see singer-songwriter and a powerful force of social innovation.