Bloomberg Beta
Roy Bahat (@roybahat) is the head of Bloomberg Beta, a $75 million venture fund backed by Bloomberg L.P. that invests in companies that make business work better. Bloomberg Beta invests for financial return, and strives to work in the same new ways as the startups it backs -- transparent (with its full operating manual open sourced) and driven by data (with a program to statistically predict who will start companies in the future). He is also a lecturer at U.C. Berkeley where he teaches about the media industry at the Haas School of Business. Roy was the founding chairman of OUYA, a Kickstarter-launched game console company acquired by Razer. For five years, he ran News Corporation’s IGN Entertainment, where he hired software engineers without looking at their resumes, and was in the office of News Corp.’s chairman before that. He is on the boards of CodeNow, a nonprofit teaching technology skills to underprivileged students, and the Center for Investigative Reporting, a nonprofit newsroom. Roy graduated from Harvard College, where he ran the student public service nonprofit. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. He writes at http://also.roybahat.com.