Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dave Mathews is a consumer-focused inventor specializing in mobile, over the top (OTT) media devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). His last company channeled years of expertise around machine-readable code as a pioneer in the evolution of Location Based Services (LBS) based upon proximity and a precursor to Appleā€™s iBeacon. This platform for machine-to-machine discovery enabled any smartphone application or API to be automated from the presence of radio signals received on a device. Unlike to Apple iBeacon, this enhanced technology worked on any operating system and any radio a device supports like WiFi, BlueTooth + Low Energy, cellular towers and NFC. Dave began connecting computers to cellular phones in the early 1990s and created some of the first mobile data solutions for carriers across the U.S. He has launched communication-focused retail superstores that sold the first two-way pagers, GPS receivers that only displayed latitude and longitude, Netscape CD-ROMs and online banking. After the dot-com bubble burst, he was tapped by the Chairman of RadioShack to help rekindle the spirit of innovation within the retail giant. Under Dave's leadership, Radio Shack brought a dozen new connected products to market and invented numerous new technologies with the help of his U.S. and international manufacturing teams. He later came on-board for product development, marketing and growth for startups including Boxee; helping them win best startup of CES in 2008 and Slingbox with a Technology Emmy in 2007. Always tinkering, Dave has 72 U.S. patents granted and has appeared as a technology expert host on 300 television shows. For the G4 TV network he produced and was on-air at their 3-hour per day live coverage of the Consumer Electronics show and special events including the iPad launch. He is a proud inventor of the CueCat consumer bar code reader, the first Internet of Things device in 1997, launched with Forbes and Wired magazine in 2000, then dubbed one of the "40 Worst Inventions of All Time" by TIME magazine in 2010. Dave is a frequent public speaker having recently keynoted Wireless Wednesday at the BMW Welt Headquarters in Munich Germany and Beacon Summit in Dusseldorf and dozens of US industry events. He advises many early-stage technology companies in the software as a service, consumer electronics and wearable space. Dave lives in a smart-home apartment in Manhattan with a LED lit terrace that he can map to any color along with matching the interior lighting, along with music throughout the sound system in every room. He also assists on massive build projects for burning man and once built the ultimate Gatling gun potato cannon in the shape of a clown. Because nobody likes clowns. His favorite gift was starting Make Magazine with friends in 2003 to inspire and motivate people to build and hack the things around them.