Idea Farm
Laura DeWitt is an empathetic and intuitive qualitative researcher who brings over 25 years of experience to her work. Her perspective is far reaching: from co-creation to usability, strategy to execution, and combining qualitative wisdom with quantitative insight. Laura believes that inspiration lives all around us, we just need to look and listen. With significant global experience born from a love of diverse culture, Laura has worked tirelessly to bring fresh thinking and approaches to the disciplines of branding, strategy and design as she researched her way around the globe. The consistent thread she offers to each business challenge is a fresh viewpoint unearthed from the worlds in which both clients and consumers live. Her client base is expansive - serving the many of the Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods companies as well as companies in the B2B and technology sector. Laura’s professional path has taken her to both the client and agency side of the business. Her 10+ years on the client side include research roles at Kraft Foods, The Quaker Oats Company and UNext.com (University of Chicago e-business school). During this time she enjoyed research positions that helped her gain deep appreciation and respect for the client’s broader perspective and daily business challenges. Her agency experience is noteworthy spanning over 12 years. Laura’s affection for the design community is the impetus behind much of her professional growth as she attained significant management positions with LAGA/Brandimage and Webb DeVlam. During this time she has been responsible for spearheading unique ways of combining research disciplines to offer value-added methods that take design thinking to the next level. She is most at home leading co-creative innovation efforts that support global client learning with proprietary, visually stimulating qualitative techniques. Laura received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Simmons College in Boston, MA, completing part of her studies at the University of London. Throughout her diverse career, Laura has had extensive training in moderating skills/analysis and has earned her Master Moderator Certificate from the RIVA Training Institute in Bethesda, MD. She has been actively moderating in the US and Canada and overseeing international work for her clients for more than 15 years, and is also a CPSI trained facilitator. Her greatest joy is being a proud mom of two spirited teenage daughters, one Lucky dog and a new puppy.