Panel 4 - MEMS in Consumer Products
Panel sponsored by MIPI Alliance

, Senior Director, Technology Development
, Technology Entrepreneur
, Director of Business Management, Sensor Division
, Vice President, Technology and Invention
, Senior Director, Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE, Nokia Sensing X CHALLENGE


It started with the Nintendo Wii, then the Apple iPhone. Thanks to a reduction of prices and better software and infrastructure to catapult MEMS production, consumers are demanding more functionality of their products. This panel will discuss how various companies are leading the world in the innovative use of MEMS for consumer products such as mobile devices, tablets, remotes, television and gaming; and the list continues to grow.  Panelists will also discuss the intense pressures of this highly lucrative but competitive market; does market leader also mean revenue leader? This panel asks and will try to answer these and other tough challenges in consumer products MEMS.

Location: Herberger Ballroom 1,2,3