PS10 IQ is overrated

Chair: Ilse Engwirda, Hogrefe Uitgevers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Discussant: Ilse Engwirda, Hogrefe Uitgevers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A childs development takes place not only in the classroom but also at schoolyard and at home. In all these areas, children are expected to develop as self-reliant and independent individuals. At school, the educational progress is well monitored through regular tests. And when a child scores low in, for example, reading, action is taken immediately. However, what about the skills children develop at home and in social interactions? Those skills arent monitored regularly yet, but are they less important in the development? Children need them probably as much as their intelligence. Besides, an interactions exists between those areas. So maybe it should be the procedure, as already happens for educational progress, to identify timely children's skills in those other areas as well. This means for testing, we should focus on the whole spectrum of skills: intelligence, social-emotional skills, motor skills and executive functioning. Mapping all these areas, will result in a complete and realistic picture of a childs level of development. In this symposium, well discuss the importance of several different areas of development, which all contribute to the level of a childs development.