Student Opportunity Lab

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Objective: Guidance
Audience Level: Student/Early Career
Session Type: Student Opportunity Lab

The Student Opportunity Lab is an interactive session where attendees can seek personalized advice. It focuses on students and the tools that will help them achieve their career goals. The room will be set up with several tables of 10. Each table has a different speaker and topic. Attendees will switch tables every 20 minutes. The “mini” sessions usually combine a brief presentation with a Q&A.

SOL Sessions and Speakers

Building a Network/Community

Title: If You Build It, She Will Come. How to Build, Grow and Maintain a Community for Women in Tech
Speaker: Leor Chechik

Title: Why You Should Learn to Network: The Benefits and the Myths
Speaker: Cynthia Eng-Dinsel

Career Opportunities

Title: Full-Stack Development: What’s the Hype?
Speaker: Sofia Zaks

Title: Careers in Intellectual Property Law
Speaker: Julie Akhter
Speaker: Kathleen Ott

Title: What's a Career in UX Really All About?
Speaker: Leslie Cahill
Speaker: Katie Buettner

Title: #HPCMatters: Transform the World with High Performance Computing
Speaker: Stephanie Labasan
Speaker: Kathleen Shoga

Title: Demystifying the Tech Stack: Backend vs. Frontend
Speaker: Helen Kuo
Speaker: Jackie Chen

Title: Careers in Database Administration
Speaker: Brandie Tarvin

Title: Running a Proof of Concept Lab – Showcasing the latest Technology
Speaker: Maria Caraballo Ramos

Title: Staying the Course – How to Flourish in a Technical Development Career
Speaker: Leah Woodhouse

Title: Careers in Hardware Design and Manufacturing
Speaker: Lauren Cohen
Speaker: Allison Korczynski

Title: A World of Opportunity in Technical Operations
Speaker: Bertha Stanfill

Title: Tech Opportunities in Entertainment
Speaker: Alexa Hale
Speaker: Christina Aguilera

Title: Careers in Science and Technology Policy
Speaker: Leslie Abrahams
Speaker: Hannah Acheson-Field

Title: Life of a Technical Writer in IT Industry
Speaker: Bhagyashree Duwarah
Speaker: Mahuya Paul

Title: User Assistance- The field for you!
Speaker: Madhuri Srinivasan
Speaker: Harshini Rao

Title: Hybridizing Your Career: Combining “Big Data” and “Small Data” as a Quantitative Researcher
Speaker: Jolie Martin

Title: A Glance View of Business Intelligence
Speaker: Kaylin Lee
Speaker: Yike(Stephanie) Zhang

Title: I Have the Best Job Ever!! - You Are Not As Far As You Think from a Career in Innovation
Speaker: Montra Ellis
Speaker: Joseph Cutrono

Title: Transitioning into Data Science
Speaker: Tamara Louie

Title: User Experience Consultant in Technology Field
Speaker: Jennifer Hatfield
Speaker: Pier Dinan

Title: Customer Success, an Alternative Career for Women in Engineering
Speaker: Seema Beekanahalli Kumar Swamy

Title: Beyond Just Pixels: How data product managers build user experiences with data
Speaker: Frances Haugen
Speaker: Sara Su

Title: Maintenance: A key unit of a product company
Speaker: Preethi Rai
Speaker: Priyanka Mallick

Title: Building a Career in Product Management
Speaker: Trisha Kothari
Speaker: Charu Jangid

Title: Taking the Leap: Transitioning from Technical to Business Careers
Speaker: Anisha Bhatia
Speaker: Chileng Loh

Title: We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto: Tips and Tools For Transitioning Into Your First Software Job
Speaker: Alice Fuller

Title: IoT and the Autonomous Vehicle in the Clouds: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) with Kafka and Spark Streaming
Speaker: Jay White Bear

Combining Tech with Non-Traditional Backgrounds

Title: How to Succeed in a Technical Career from a Non-technical Background
Speaker: Rebecca Greenberg
Speaker: Josephine Le

Title: Late Bloomers – the Non-Traditional Start to Early Career
Speaker: Amy Higgins

Title: More than Underwater Basket Weaving: How the Liberal Arts Prepares Us for a Career in Tech
Speaker: Ria Mirchandani

Title: Motherhood & IT Career Aspirations
Speaker: Valerie Fischer
Speaker: Melissa Trinh

Title: Succeeding in your transition from a liberal arts student to a full time engineer
Speaker: Jeanne Lee


Title: Navigating Computer Science as an LGBTQ Student
Speaker: Yael Kaufman

Title: Bias: How You Respond Matters
Speaker: Marisela Cerda

Title: How to navigate the tech industry as a woman - Ensuring your voice is heard and your ideas are yours
Speaker: Anneka Gupta

Title: Women in the Tech Industry: Getting there, staying there, and slaying there
Speaker: Linda Magrath

Job Search/Interviewing

Title: Importance of Internships and Strategy to Get One!
Speaker: Mayoore Jaiswal
Speaker: Deveeshree Nayak

Title: Fortune Telling 101: Discerning the right company for you
Speaker: Therasa Cha

Title: You++ [on paper] How to turn your current resume into a golden ticket
Speaker: Courtney Lach
Speaker: Amy Villasenor

Title: Creating a Pathway from Internship to Full Time Job
Speaker: Jyotsna Magani
Speaker: Sona Maniyan

Title: Finding the Right Fit Job
Speaker: Alexandra Hawkins
Speaker: Shruthi Dathathri

Title: Acing the System Design and Dynamic Programming Interviews
Speaker: Sharvari Sanjay Marathe

Title: Surviving the Technical Interview, Interactive
Speaker: Jennifer Lee

Title: How to Prepare for Your First Technical Interview
Speaker: Sid Sidhu
Speaker: Natalia Vinnik

  Title: Rock your Résumé: You Can't Shatter the Glass Ceiling Until You've Made it Through the Front Door
Speaker: Anne Ryan


Title: So, You Think You Want to be a Researcher? An Inside Guide to Working at a Research Lab
Speaker: Christine Fossaceca
Speaker: Beatrice Patricia Garcia

Title: So You Want To Go To Graduate School? Navigating Higher Education to a Job You Love
Speaker: Nicole Nichols

Research (CRA-W)

Title: CRA-W: Research Careers – What Are the Options? How Do I Get There?
Speaker: Sunita Chandrasekaran
Speaker: Rita Wouhaybi
Speaker: Robin Graham

Title: CRA-W: How to Be Successful Post-Bachelor’s?
Speaker: A.J. Brush
Speaker: Shana Watters
Speaker: Jini Ramprakash
Speaker: Elizabeth Bautista

Title: CRA-W: Is Graduate School for You?
Speaker: Shana Watters
Speaker: Dee Weikle
Speaker: Padma Raghavan

Title: CRA-W: Master’s or Ph.D.? (Table 1)
Speaker: Cynthia Lee
Speaker: Patty Lopez
Speaker: Gilda Garretón
Speaker: Bushra Anjum

Title: CRA-W: Master’s or Ph.D.? (Table 2)
Speaker: Jessica Gullbrand
Speaker: Juliette Ugirumurera
Speaker: Helen Hu

Title: CRA-W: How to Successfully Apply to Graduate School? (Table 1)
Speaker: Susan Rodger
Speaker: Sara Sood
Speaker: Ayanna Howard

Title: CRA-W: How to Successfully Apply to Graduate School? (Table 2)
Speaker: Andrea Danyluk
Speaker: Suzanne Matthews
Speaker: Laura Dillon
Speaker: Dilma Da Silva

Title: CRA-W: How to Successfully Apply to Graduate School? (Table 3)
Speaker: Monica Anderson
Speaker: Nancy Amato
Speaker: Maria Gini

Title: CRA-W: What is Computing Research? How Can Undergraduates Participate? (Table 1)
Speaker: Jeannie Albrecht
Speaker: Amy Hughes
Speaker: Amy Csizmar Dalal
Speaker: Julia Hirschberg

Title: CRA-W: What is Computing Research? How Can Undergraduates Participate? (Table 2)
Speaker: Yerika Jimenez
Speaker: Verónica G. Vergara Larrea
Speaker: Yuqing Melanie Wu

Skill Development

Title: From Passion to Product: How a LEGO Fan Learns Data Science
Speaker: Xiaodan (Sally) Zhang

Title: A Software Engineer's workout to build core career strength
Speaker: Shobana Krishnamoorthy
Speaker: Mengke Li

Title: If I Had Only Known: Industry Relevant Skills for Developing Industry Projects
Speaker: Katherine Wu
Speaker: Swetha Prasad

Title: Hackathons a Vehicle to innovate and get your dream job
Speaker: Avni Baveja
Speaker: Sreeparna Mukherjee

Tips for Success in Early Career

Title: The Pursuit of Early Career Success
Speaker: Perla Villarreal

Title: Be a star at your new job: Follow 30/60/90 Plan
Speaker: Sonali Kalgaonkar

Title: New grad advice for excelling at a high-tech company
Speaker: Korinthia Yuriar
Speaker: Josh Waldron

Title: You were hired to be you!
Speaker: Angela Choo

Title: So You’re Saying “Lawyer Who Juggles” Can Be My Job Title? : An Interactive Approach To Building Personal Brand Identity
Speaker: Azima Mansuri

Title: A ‘smart’ friend in need is a friend indeed
Speaker: Nitika Aggarwal
Speaker: Roshni Datta