Mr Campbell Bagley

ENT Surgeon, Capital & Coast and Hutt Valley DHBs, Wellington, NZ

Campbell is a Wellington based rhinologist who spends a lot of time unblocking noses and little time on research. He would ideally enjoy numerous outdoor pursuits but due to family commitments has a garage full of gear that seldom gets used.

When To Do a Modified Lothrop - Who Should Do It?

The modified endoscopic Lothrop procedure has become a commonly performed sinus procedure since its re-introduction in the modern era over 20 years ago. Improvements in technology, training and exposure and an accumulating body of supporting evidence have contributed to its popularity. This talk will look at current evidence that can guide surgeons towards the appropriate patients for a Lothrop procedure and it will touch on some of the controversies. I will also pass on some personal perspectives relating to areas where a cautious approach might be taken. An attempt will be made to address the question, 'who should perform it?'