Mr Colin R.S. Brown FRACS 

Ear and Hearing Implant Surgeon, Specialist Otolaryngologist, Starship Child Health, Auckland, NZ

Colin is an Otologist and Hearing Implant Surgeon for Children and Adults, based at Starship and Gillies Hospitals. His specialist area is management of congenital ear disorders and deafness. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Surgery at the University of Auckland and has taught on the Maud programme for over 20 years. He is a Director of Hearing House (cochlear implant programme rehabilitation) and Chair of the Northern Regional Paediatric Implant Clinical Programme. Colin also runs the multi- disciplinary Microtia- Atresia clinical programme based at Starship, which has over 300 patients. He is a member of the NZ Ministry of Health Advisory group on neonatal hearing screening since inception, and a past president of the Australian and NZ Society of Paediatric Otolaryngology.