Associate Professor Jim Bartley

Associate Professor of ORLHBS, The University of Auckland; Otolaryngologist, Counties Manukau DHB, Auckland, NZ


Jim Bartley is an Auckland otolaryngologist, who was involved with the early development of endoscopic sinus surgery in New Zealand and who became interested in “sinus pain” patients, who did not respond to sinus surgery. He has Pain Medicine fellowship, contributed to the current orofacial pain curriculum and is an Australia New Zealand Faculty of Pain Medicine examiner.

He has published sixty papers in the peer-reviewed literature, twelve book chapters and two books. He was on the initial ACC noise advisory and neonatal hearing screening committees. He has developed jointly a new CPAP machine, which is currently undergoing clinical evaluation.

Muscle Examination of the Head and Neck

We receive little training on musculoskeletal examination of the head and neck. The musculoskeletal literature has long recognized that dysfunction in the muscles about the head and neck can cause head and neck symptoms that include poor balance, ear pain, tinnitus, globus and “sinus” pain in the absence of sinus disease. These patients are commonly seen on out clinics. This presentation will cover briefly common symptoms associated with head and neck muscle dysfunction, musculoskeletal examination techniques focusing particularly on the sternocleidomastoid muscle and musculoskeletal treatments.