Dr Paul Templer  FANZCA

Consultant Anaesthetist, Dunedin Public and Mercy Hospitals; Clinical Leader, Persistent Pain Service, Dunedin, NZ

A friend once described himself as a “jobbing” anaesthetist and that’s what I am.  I can anaesthetise most people, in most situations, with any anaesthetic machine.

I get on with all the surgeons, all my patients, and all the technicians.  I am calm and I try and avoid drama by getting things right.  I know my strengths and my limitations and I ask for help when I need it.

I like teaching and registrars but I am comfortable working on my own.  I also work in our Persistent pain clinic, examine for the college, assess for the medical council, and teach at the medical school all of which keep me interested.

I like ENT most of all as they are the only surgeons (+Max/Fax) who understand airways and can actually help.


Developed in “little ol’ New Zealand” THRIVE is a new way of oxygenating patients.

I will attempt to explain how THRIVE works and why it may be turning up increasingly in your operating theatres.

We will consider whether this is the panacea for any difficult airway, when THRIVE, isn’t the answer and how long to use it post-operatively.

Plus a quick review of the literature and future research.