Do you find it difficult to have conversations with owners about obesity in pets? Do you find your words fall on deaf ears? Or, despite your best efforts, do you find it difficult to maintain owner compliance during a weight programme? In this keynote talk, Prof Alex German of the University of Liverpool will cover communication in the context of the obesity consultation. Drawing parallels with human obesity, he will first explain some of the psychological and behavioural factors known to be associated with obesity in pets, and illustrate how these influence the weight management process. He will then discuss the approach to the obesity conversation, and alternative strategies to use for getting owners on board. Finally, he will explain how to keep owners motivated during the weight loss process and what to say when things go wrong. 

By the end of the session, delegates will be able to...  
• Describe how owner psychology is associated with pet obesity and how it can influence the success of weight management  
• Recognise different approaches to the obesity conversation  
• Discuss how to apply communication strategies to improve the outcomes of weight loss regimens.