The foundation of teamwork is communication, and is critical for organizational success of the veterinary team. It must include accurate communication of information as patients and clients transition between various members of the team. Veterinary Technicians (VT) well versed in communication skills improve efficiency, accuracy, client understanding, and enhance patient outcomes.

The goals of this workshop are to delineate the benefits of VT clinical communication training, introduce the “team huddle” to improve communication, and explore participants’ additional tools/approaches for enhancing communication training for students in VT training programs.

Time – Exercises followed by debrief:
  • 10 minutes – Introduction - background 
  • 15 min - 1st: Blinded Translation game. What translation (lay to medical) and communication is needed with movement of client/patient through the practice? 
  • 15 min – 2nd: “Team huddles” Small Group Discussion. Methods of mentorship and communication to stimulate technician growth, confidence, and utilization. 
  • 20 min - 3rd: Small Group Discussion. Use of the Guides (Calgary-Cambridge and Vet Tech Adaptation) for training & development of common language and consistent message for team members and clients 
  • 20 min - 4th: Small Group Discussion. What are the key points to advance the implementation of team communication into practice or training? 
  • 10 min - Conclusions  
Client adherence to team’s strategy elevates patient outcomes and financial business rewards. Improved team communication increases job satisfaction and retention of technicians