Successful debriefs are the result of effective Coach and Simulated Client (SC) collaboration. Strong co-support means unified messaging, enjoyable work environments, and modeling professional communication skills that reinforce the formal curriculum.

Led by master coach Dr. Julie Cary and SC trainer Daniel Haley, this workshop for all participants seeks to expose some of the obstacles and empathy gaps that inhibit Coach-SC collaboration. Through a combination of demonstration and role-play activities, attendees will learn and rehearse strategies for setting up and supporting their feedback collaborators.

10 min—Demonstration and introduction of concept.
20 min—Group brainstorm of goals, responsibilities, and challenges unique to both coaches and simulated clients in debrief.
50 min—Round-robin role-play to practice strategies for providing shared feedback.
10 min—Workshop debrief; questions and takeaways.

Implications: The primary beneficiaries of collaborative debrief are learners who receive feedback that is ratified by both coach and SC perspectives and delivered in a way that reinforces the tenants of communication training.