Leaders of simulated client labs must address many challenges including:
1) recruiting and training skilled facilitators;
2) ensuring consistency;
3) recruiting and training actors;
4) securing appropriate facilities;
5) purchasing video equipment;
6) developing instructional strategy;
7) overcoming student resistance;
8) developing effective scenarios;
9) managing time constraints;
10) providing effective feedback. This workshop provides a forum for sharing practical tips to address these challenges.

Compare instructional methodologies; Promote dialogue; Share suggestions for improvement.

Attendees seated in groups of 6-10.
0 – 20 minutes: Introductory presentation. Provide handout on “Top 10 Challenges.
20 – 35 minutes: Personal table introductions. Select Chairperson at each table. Identify most problematic challenges.
35 – 70 minutes: Discuss possible solutions to challenges, including a personal “action plan.”
70 – 90 minutes: Large group wrap up discussion. Implications

This workshop is consistent with the ICCVM’s stated goals of:
1) providing practical learning opportunities;
2) sharing of innovative ideas; and,
3) offering an interactive opportunity. There are many challenges associated with leading effective simulated client labs. This workshop provides a forum where attendees can share creative solutions as well as collegial support.