In many ways, client perspective is the “new” content of the veterinary medical history including the client’s: ideas, beliefs, concerns, feelings, expectations, effects on life of client and animal(s), relationship between animal, client, and others. Research points to the importance of eliciting and understanding the client’s perspective yet attainment of perspective and integration of perspective throughout the interaction is infrequent.

Reasons given for not eliciting client perspective include too little time, feeling like a line of inquiry regarding client perspective is too personal, disbelief in the importance of client perspective for diagnostic accuracy, relationship development and client adherence. Skills required to ensure uptake and understanding of client perspective have a different intrinsic quality than skills that are used to obtain a biomedical perspective. These skills require additional training for veterinarians and team members.

This workshop is designed to build capacity for gathering and ensuring understanding of client perspective. We begin with a discussion regarding the meaning and importance of client perspective, and develop client perspective questions. Two demonstrations will follow, allowing the participants to practice questions and hear the impact of the questions on clients. A pair share exercise will follow so that participants can practice their questions. We’ll conclude with a goal setting exercise.

Objectives of the workshop:
  • Deepen understanding of the importance of client perspective 
  • Increase awareness of the impact of failing to identify client perspective 
  • Develop of list of questions essential for obtaining client perspective 
  • Practice asking questions developed above 
  • Set 2 goals for application in practice