Communication skills teaching is becoming embedded in veterinary school curricula around the world. Several methods of delivery are utilised including videos, lectures, workshops, peer to peer, actor sessions, discussions with real clients and workplace learning. Assessment methods are also numerous including MCQs, essays, reflective portfolios, OSCE, DOPs, Mini- Cex and viva voce exams. Learning outcomes are similar across all the curricula but ways of teaching and assessing communication skills are many and varied.

This workshop aims to bring together educators from different institutions to explore their challenges in developing a communication skills curriculum and how these may be overcome by evidence-based innovative approaches to curriculum development. Using developments from our own institution, and incorporating particpants examples we will consider the following issues Cost Reflective practice Experiential learning Peer to peer learning Integration Assessment Others identified by participants.

This is a participatory workshop in which we will identify strengths and challenges to the traditional curricula and work together to develop innovative approaches for the future.

Participants will leave the workshop having explored the educational theories underpinning many approaches to curriculum development and have some ideas on evidence-based innovative and creative approaches.