The financial and time resources required to develop and implement simulation training are considerable. For some learners, the simulation construct initially can be unnerving and impede learning. Having other experiential learning opportunities to deliver communication content in lieu of or to augment simulation may be useful. 

To demonstrate the structure and nature of Serious Play as it relates to learning clinical communication. Serious Play can be used to: Introduce a new context Establish a change of role Introduce simulation as a component of effective veterinary medical education Consider communication in an abstract format Telephone conversations Case transfer Follow-up and case documentation Develop strategies to cope with the challenges inherent in teamwork.

10 minutes: introductions and overview of session plan 20 minutes: engage in round one of Serious Play focused on client communication. Each round will have multiple components to it, allowing participants to experience the Serious Play from multiple aspects. 20 minutes: engage in round two of Serious Play focused on team communication. The same process will be repeated as in round one. 15 minutes: discuss take home messages from the two rounds of Serious Play. 15 minutes: work in small groups to brainstorm Serious Play ideas that would augment participants’ own programs. 10 minutes: wrap up, question and answer.

Implications : Participants will be have a strong understanding of the impact and potential uses of Serious Play for use in their own contexts and environments