The animal species a veterinarian needs to know most about is the human being. Without understanding drivers for behavior it is impossible to advise animal owners and to persuade them to change their behavior. Regardless whether they are pet owners or own a large dairy farm with many employees. 

Objectives of the workshop:
During this 90 minute workshop you will get to understand animal owners' mindset and drivers for change. You learn how to apply the RESET buttons in a conversation and how to deal with frequently encountered resistance like "But what does it cost?", "You cannot guarantee it 'll work!", and "But Dr Google says..".

The workshop is 75% interactive: Introduction RESET, working in subgroups with the RESET model, (depending on expertise of audience groups will work on large or small animals, horses, species of choice). Introduction Resistance, questions and answers and if time allows possible role playing games. The workshop is intended for anyone with daily interaction with animal owners: veterinarians, technicians, nurses, students - anyone that wants to improve communication skills.