Oniris National School of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science & Engineering in Nantes, France offers a Master’s in Public health based on the ONE HEALTH approach.  A blend of international medical doctors, veterinarians, Food and Agricultural Engineers, and Pharmacists enroll in this multidisciplinary program which is taught entirely in English. 

The demand for rigorously trained and conceptually grounded leaders of public health, practitioners, and researchers in the field of Health Communication is on the rise.  Thus, a strong component of the MANIAML program is dedicated to the development of interpersonal and intercultural skills thereby reinforcing Communication as an essential competency for ONE Health professionals.  

This Poster will describe and discuss two experiential learning sessions using authentic veterinary public health scenarios that were especially designed to prompt the use of reflective listening skills in teamwork. One explores the use of role play as introduction to interest-based negotiation and conflict management. 

The second uses production based learning where the students are instructed to follow the Design Thinking approach, an innovative creative brainstorming tool, for the creation of a public health campaign that targets backyard chicken farmers. The two methods are compared.  Self-assessment, peer evaluation, and course feedback surveys are used to assess improvement of targeted communication skills and effectiveness of learning scenarios.    

Insignares, Frank*, Management, Statistics and Communication, ONIRIS School of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science & Engineering; Nantes, France
Ruvoen, Nathlie; Veterinary Public Health, ONIRIS Beaugrand, Florence, Management, Statistics, and Communication, ONIRIS
Malherbe, Sara; Manimal Public Health Masters, ONIRIS