Communication and Stress Management are essential non-technical skills that are difficult to incorporate into a veterinary curriculum. Faculty members at ONIRIS School of Veterinary Medicine in Nantes, France have designed a required 2 hour small group (16-20 students) session for first year students to cover topics such as causes of stress, types of stress, self-assessment of stress and personal plan for managing stress. 

A collaborative learning approach is used in order to practice reflective listening skills for the acquisition of stress management concepts.   This class also serves as a building block for further development of interpersonal communication skills required for other modules on clinical communication skills in year 3 and 4. The workshop was followed up with an online survey and quiz where the students apply acquired concepts to respond to a questionnaire on stress.  

Data concerning the actual stressors and stress management practices of our first year students was obtained.  Based on the surveys, more than 50% of the students actually applied some sort of stress management technique acquired from the session within the 2 weeks after the class. The aim of this presentation is to share the experience of our 2 hour collaborative learning student session with conference participants by taking them through a step by step approach of the actual student session. A condensed version of the class will be carried out to allow for discussion and feedback from participants. Results of the follow-up student survey will also be presented. 
*Note: The French proverbfaire d'une pierre deux coups seems a little more humane than its English equivalent, "to kill two birds with one stone"

Insignares, Frank*; Management, Statistics and Communication, ONIRIS (National School of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science & Technology) Nantes France; 
Beaugrand, Florence; Management, Statistics and Communication, ONIRIS; 
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