Oral Presentation 1
Technology and e-Solutions

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
10:30 - 11:15 am
Queens Quay/ Bay
This session will showcase a series of projects including: 

Advancing Care for the Elderly: Measuring Balance Using Smart Devices  

Substantial attention has been directed to frailty as a specific threshold associated with significant risk to health in older adults (e.g., falls, decreased activity and mobility, and dramatic changes in capacity to recover from illness or injury). With about 180,000 falls annually resulting in serious injuries, assessing balance and mobility to guide clinical decision-making is critical to preserving health, maintaining the independence of the elderly and lowering healthcare costs. Our health and computer science team has created an innovative, affordable toolkit, costing significantly less than $3,000, for assessing balance and mobility using a tablet/smartphone and light-weight wearable technologies. Not only does the toolkit provide a sensitive and precise method for measuring balance but it captures big data from each session for present and future analysis. The toolkit is useable by family physicians, physiotherapists or similar health care professionals providing an accurate assessment of balance to long term care and other community healthcare facilities. 

Improving the learning curve to prevent acute deterioration: A Gamified App to Enhance Clinical Decision Making

Acute changes in condition in older adults living with frailty are clinically important deviations which, without timely intervention, may lead to significant deterioration or death. Grounded in best practice guidelines, the SOS Gamified App is a serious game comprised of a randomized series of 37 mini-case simulations. Learners receive instant performance feedback when identifying and responding to acute deterioration. Pilot testing revealed improvements in learning curves, indicating that with practice players learn to solve the cases correctly. Managers and educators can trend performance relative to quality and performance targets and support staff and students in meeting emerging educational standards.

The geko™ Device in lower leg wounds: Winner of the 2016 Best New Product or Service in LTC

Geko™ , the winner of the 2016 Best New Product or Service in LTC award, is a self-adhesive electro-stimulation device that can improve blood flow which leads to pain reduction, edema management and wound healing. Learners will get a hands-on experience with the product to help understand correct placement, alternate sites and experience of wearing the device. They will also receive a USB stick containing Annotated bibliography of research to date, current posters and teaching tools, “treat the cause” algorithm and fitting video.

Speaker: Connie Harris

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