World Café 1
Resident and Family Engagement

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
10:30 -12:00 pm

In this interactive session, delegates will have a chance to network directly with presenters and attendees. Delegates can expect to pick up practical tools and resources, and have the opportunity to explore diverse perspectives and change ideas.

Transform your Families into Fans
Over 400 Canadians become residents daily in our Long Term Care System (LTC). Include family members that’s thousands of lives impacted by this major life transition. These families struggle with emotions and expectations as they try to find ways to cope with rules, routines and requirements of LTC life without a playbook. 

Deborah's unique dual perspective provides a lens that details stories of the human experience of the impact of LTC on families. While working as a Senior Executive in LTC, Deborah experienced her own family’s disruption when her husband became a resident, and she became “a resident’s wife”. 

 Her practical insights will provide you with tools and inspire you to:
• Design an admissions experience that lays the foundation for strong family connections.
• Discover through mindset and neuroscience application, ways to reduce friction and manage expectations
• Develop trust through partnerships based on respect for the families

Speaker: Deborah Bakti

Ontario's Patient Engagement Framework
Health Quality Ontario's Patient Engagement Framework provides a common language and orientation to engagement. The framework is based on best practices, existing frameworks for engagement, and consultation with over 1000 residents, patients, caregivers and health professionals across the province. The framework helps users learn about the principles, practices and opportunities to engage with residents and families in their work. The framework is also useful for helping organizations assess and plan engagement activities in a purposeful and integrated way, supporting the positive impact of engagement on the quality of care programs, services and interactions. Examples will be given of resident and family engagement in quality improvement, which underscores the applicability of the framework to long term care settings.

Speaker: Amy Lang

interRAI Quality of Life Survey: A tool for resident and family engagement
The interRAI Quality of Life (QOL) Survey for Long Term Care is an evidence-based survey, developed over many years of research and designed based on data from 9 countries. 

It is used across Canada and internationally, and it is designed to complement the RAI-MDS 2.0 and upcoming interRAI LTCF.

Participants will get an introduction to the interRAI QOL and gain insights into how to integrate the survey into the workflow. They will hear how it can be used to increase resident, family and staff engagement while also fulfilling report requirements.

Speaker: John Hirdes

Eight foundational principles of meaningful resident and family engagement
Many LTC organizations are increasingly looking to collaborate with residents and families in the design, delivery and evaluation of their programs and services. If residents and families are willing to offer their valuable time to participate in engagement activities, it is important for healthcare leaders to approach it in a thoughtful, well-planned way. Many resources designed to help organizations with engagement focus on the types of activities and steps that should be undertaken (e.g. creating an advisory council). What is missing from many resources is an identification of the many complexities and challenges of engaging with residents/families in a meaningful way. Yet it is far from an easy or straightforward process. In this workshop, we will share eight foundational principles for meaningful engagement that emerged from a literature search and consultations with people who had participated in or led engagement initiatives. Time will be provided for group discussions and questions.

Speaker: Danielle Bender