Carina Walters

PhD candidate, The University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ

Carina Walters is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Auckland studying prescription and over the counter opioid dependence, and is a member of the University of Auckland Centre for Addiction Research.

Her previous role was as senior addictions pharmacist at Community Alcohol and Drug Services in Auckland, and she is a part time professional teaching fellow with the School of Population Health, teaching a postgraduate addiction paper.

The Management of Pharmaceutical Opioid Dependence

Increases in rates of pharmaceutical opioid dependence have been reported in Western countries in the wake of substantial increases in opioid prescribing and over the counter opioid consumption. In light of this, a growing body of literature is investigating the efficacy of the use of established pharmacotherapies for illicit opioid dependence in the management of pharmaceutical opioid dependence.

This presentation will review the literature to date regarding the management of pharmaceutical opioid dependence, and discuss the generalisability and limitations of the evidence base with respect to the New Zealand context, and people whose pathways to dependence are through legitimate opioid use.