Dr Wendy Hunter

General Paediatrician, Nelson Marlborough DHB, Nelson, NZ

Wendy is a General Paediatrician at Nelson Marlborough DHB, and in this role works with premature babies through to adolescents with a wide range of medical problems. Chronic pain whether it be headaches or abdominal pain is a common reality for many children and for Paediatricians seeing children this is an increasingly common referral.  After having a number of adolescents face chronic pain she has developed an interest in trying to improve the care they receive through educational resources and trying to develop a language to communicate and explain the nature of chronic pain.

Childhood Pain

Wendy will present her journey with an adolescent experiencing persistent pain, and attempt to illustrate the benefits of working in a multidisciplinary team and present her reflections on what it has taught her about pain (and what resources she found helpful).