Nicol Ranger

Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Auckland DHB, Auckland, NZ

Nicol qualified as a Physiotherapist from the University of Northumbria in Newcastle (UK) in 1995. She has worked in Women’s Health since 1997 and has been working at National Women’s since 2004. She completed her post graduate in acupuncture at AUT in 2004.

Nicol’s special areas of interest include perineal trauma and chronic pelvic pain (including sexual pain). She has enjoyed working as part of a dedicated multi-disciplinary team for women with complex pelvic pain since 2010.

The Role of Physiotherapy in Chronic Pelvic Pain

Over the last 10 years in Women’s Health Physiotherapy, we have seen a steady increase in the numbers of referrals for Chronic Pelvic Pain.

Symptoms include not only pelvic pain, but also pelvic organ dysfunction and sexual dysfunction.  Sexual pain is often a “hidden pain”, with many women waiting for years before seeking help. Pelvic pain can lead to a lack of intimacy which can cause even the strongest relationship to rock.  Commonly our goal within Physiotherapy is help patients manage their pain and thus restore intimacy. Due to the complexity of Chronic Pelvic Pain, Physiotherapy is enhanced within a multi-disciplinary setting.

This presentation aims to promote awareness and understanding for this very intimate pain. It also aims to provide insight into what Physiotherapy has to offer for women in persistent pelvic pain.