The COSbulletin
Aug 2016 Edition

In the world of politics and influence there is a basic fact, change will not occur unless there is a willingness in parliament for change and that willingness for change will always be driven not by political parties but by an individual or individuals within a party.

These politicians cannot achieve change unless there is vocal and obvious support for that change from the community. This especially applies when well-funded and resourced big businesses and vested interests can take the limelight and dominate a policy debate. The people who run small businesses need a voice not compromised by funding or political ideology.

Glad to have you on board!

Peter Strong

What makes a Ready Business?

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What do we want? 

Read more about what's on COSBOA's hit list for small businesses in Australia.




Since 2005, Flying Solo has been at the forefront of the soloism movement in Australia, and today has a community of over 90,000 with many more joining across our social networks. We exist to support those who have chosen their own path, often turning their backs on traditional careers, to create a new way of living and working.

For more information, go to Flying Solo's website


VET Challenge planned for TBA Oct in Melbourne. More details to come.

COSBOA Council Meeting and AGM Wed 23 Nov in Canberra. More details to come.

Google Digital Garage

As a result of COSBOA's relationship with Google, COSBOA member associations will be invited to partner with Google on a new online digital skills training platform for small business. Google Australia is developing an Australian version of a free online digital skills training platform called DigitalGarage, for small business.  The platform will contain dozens of free online courses on everything from search to social media to digital marketing, to help small businesses grow online. 

This member offer is to launch in September so get in touch now with COSBOA

Google has previously rolled out Digital Garage in Europe, where it received positive feedback from businesses who have taken the courses.  As Bell Farmer, co founder of Balloonatics, said “after implementing what we learned at the Digital Garage, we got 15% more enquiries and 10% more bookings in one year.”


Join the conversation through social media channels:


Sane Event Group

T: 02 9553 4820  


 Peter's Corner

The things and people that small business sponsor and support:

Junior boys soccer teams; Senior men soccer teams; Junior girls soccer teams; Senior women’s soccer teams. And the same in a whole range of sports and pastimes: Rugby league, AFL, netball, roller derby, rugby union, hockey, indoor soccer, futsol, cricket, volley ball, chess clubs, choirs, bands, indoor cricket, tennis, badminton, surf life saving clubs, darts, archery, clay shooting, sculls, rowing, fishing clubs, car clubs, horse riding, horse racing, auto racing, model train clubs, model ship building, athletics, little athletics, book clubs, writers associations, animal welfare, dog clubs, wine appreciation societies, bush walking clubs... 

The list goes on.

Charities and other community groups include: Disabled riding, aged care facilities, youth centres, women’s support centres, any number of other charities. Not only do tens of thousands of small business people support these with cash and in-kind funding but also by participating as directors of boards across every community in Australia.

Nice.  Essential. Compelling.