Dr Elena Moran PhD, DipClinPsych, FNZCCP

Clinical Psychologist, Psychology and Behavior Services, Nelson, NZ

Elena is a clinical psychologist working in private practice in Nelson. Elena completed a clinical psychology degree at Canterbury University in 2003 and successfully defended a PhD in the field of neuroscience. Since 2008 Elena has been living Nelson and specializing in providing pain management interventions. She works as a member of a multidisciplinary team delivering assessments and interventions for clients with persistent pain and has also been instrumental in setting up a community-based pain service. Elena has facilitated educational seminars to primary care providers on the principles of psychological pain management and has participated in the pain service re-design for ACC. 

Dr Elena Moran PhD, DipClinPsych, FNZCCP, Clinical Psychologist, Psychology and Behaviour Services, Nelson, NZ

Dr James Hegarty, Clinical Psychologist, Dunedin, NZ

Mark Ottley, Senior Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Lead for Pain Services, Southern Rehabilitation, Christchurch, NZ

Psychologist’s Special Interest Group

Psychologists’ Special interest group is an informal meeting of psychologists and other professionals interested in the psychological aspects of pain management.  It presents an opportunity for the professionals in the field to meet, establish links and discuss common issues. The aim of this year’s meeting is to facilitate a discussion of issues that psychologists encounter when formulating complex cases. Attendees will be provided with a mock case for formulation prior to the meeting. The presenters will provide their own formulation and discuss key factors to consider when providing a formulation, alongside possible pitfalls. A review of the use of personality assessment as a tool in assisting formulation will also be provided, as well as a brief discussion regarding the usefulness of symptom validity measures in the assessment of persistent pain.