Dr Helen Robinson
Helen Robinson is a General and Obstetric Physician working at Ipswich Hospital in Queensland, Australia. She is a graduate of the University of Otago and completed her basic physician training in New Zealand. She then moved to Brisbane and completed her advanced training in General and Obstetric medicine at Ipswich Hospital and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Helen has been a member of the executive council of SOMANZ since 2013 and is currently the council representative for the EVOLVE project.  


EVOLVE is an initiative aimed at identifying and reducing the rate of low-value interventions in the health system. Specialty Societies within the Royal Australasian College of Physicians have been involved in the process of identifying low-value interventions within their scope of practice. Council members of the executive of SOMANZ have identified five potential low-value interventions within the field of Obstetric Medicine. These include: MTHFR gene testing for thrombophilia, inherited thrombophilia testing for placental mediated complications, routine ESR measurements, repeating bile acids in obstetric cholestasis after a level of 40 is found, repeating the measurement of proteinuria in established pre-eclampsia.