Bridget Jelley

Bridget Jelley, MA (Psych)
Business Facilitator/ Director of the Effect

Bridget is zealous about the application of Psychology to Business. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology Bridget draws from various philosophical underpinnings to produce successful outcomes within the people development space.

Mining, utilities, airline, government, not for profit and local councils are some of the industries of which Bridget has worked in, giving her a breadth of exposure to various types of business and people. Her skills range from leadership, conflict resolution, career counselling, team and individual coaching, general counselling, team building, recruitment, and culture transformation.

Bridget is fascinated with human behaviour, and gains great satisfaction through assisting organisations and clients through the challenges that come with simply being human. With a warm, energetic and determined approach to her work, Bridget engages people through experiential learning allowing for those light bulb moments to occur and clarity to be gained.


Let’s Talk About the IT Crowd
Who are the IT crowd? What is the current state of play and how do we see ourselves positioned going forward? Are we just about being a support function to a business or is there a lot more that we can offer? Understanding the psychology of perception and influencing how we are perceived can be useful in setting the stage for how we connect with the rest of the business. In order to have any influence how we are perceived we have to understand a bit about people’s hard drives – that being their brains.

“Our minds, influence the key activity of the brain, which then influences everything; perception, cognition, thoughts and feelings, personal relationships: they’re all a projection of you”