Dr Erin Clark
Women's & Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Erin Clark is currently employed as a senior staff specialist in Obstetric Medicine at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, and also works privately as a General and Obstetric Physician. She is actively involved in post-graduate teaching programs for medical, midwifery and allied health professionals, and has a long-standing interest in maternal cardiac and haematological conditions.


Anticoagulation in Pregnancy
Clark, Erin
Anticoagulation in pregnancy can be undertaken for both maternal and fetal reasons; for some situations, guidelines based on evidence exist (eg: previous thromboembolic events, prosthetic valve replacements), however in other situations there is a paucity of information to guide clinical decision making. A summary of existing published recommendations is presented, in addition to a discussion of clinical scenarios where there is little or no evidence to assist the choice of treatment options