Prof Liz Lightstone PhD, FRCP
Professor of Renal Medicine, Imperial College of London, UK

Liz Lightstone is Professor of Renal Medicine in the Division of Immunology and Inflammation, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London, and an Honorary Consultant Renal Physician in the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Renal and Transplant Centre. She trained in nephrology at the Hammersmith Hospital & undertook a PhD in Immunology at University College London, funded by a Medical Research Council (MRC) Training Fellowship; following 4 years as an MRC Clinician Scientist Fellow at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School she was appointed Senior Lecturer in 1995.

Prof Lightstone’s research focuses on Lupus Nephritis as well as Pregnancy in Women with Kidney Disease. She is Chief Investigator on the international multicentre randomised RITUXILUP trial funded by Arthritis Research UK. She is an author on the 2012 Eular Guidelines on the Management of Lupus Nephritis and on the EU Executive committee of the Lupus Nephritis Trials Network. She is a member of the recently awarded MRC MASTERPLANS Consortium which aims to define stratified approaches to treatment of patients with lupus. She was the inaugural National Coordinator of the Pregnancy and Chronic Kidney Disease Rare Disease group (2012-2014), is joint editor of the upcoming Consensus Guidelines on Managing Renal Disease in Pregnancy and pioneered the use of tacrolimus in the treatment of lupus nephritis in pregnancy.

Her main clinical interests are in lupus nephritis – she jointly manages a combined renal / rheumatology lupus clinic following ~400 patients - and the management of women with kidney disease in pregnancy – she established and runs a Renal Obstetric clinic and a preconception counselling clinic for women with kidney disease.