Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca has been working in Service Management since 2008, when she was part of a team that established ITSM at IR. She has worked as an Incident and Problem Manager, before realising that the way to make a difference was to focus earlier in the lifecycle. Moved to IT in 2011 as Release Manager, and then lead team accountable for SACM, Change and Release. Now finds herself surprised to be acting as the IT Manager for Service Management group at IR. Passionate about big ideas, and meaningful work to make a difference.


Leading Teams Through Change: Service Management@IR During Transformation
What if everything you thought you knew about your organisation was turned on its head? How would you make your ITSM process, people and technology fit for a $1,000,000,000 transformation AND the organisation that will emerge in 10 years? Do you have a tardis? Can you take me forward to see how it is done? We wish we could … I wish I knew … My session covers personal insights about what it takes to stay relevant, resilient, lead your people, keep your stakeholders confidence and, maybe even keep your sanity in a world turned upside down.