Andy Fieldhouse
Head of Teambuilding
Biz Group

Andy Fieldhouse is Head of Teambuilding at Dubai based Biz Group, a company that has been helping companies, their teams and their people to achieve their goals since 1993. Since an early age, Andy has had a passionate interest in being part of sports and work teams, and working out what makes them tick. After completing a degree in history at London University in 1994, Andy embarked on a career in London in corporate & teambuilding events that led to an opportunity to come to Dubai in 2008 to pursue his passion of teams & teamwork with Biz Group. For the past 8 years, Andy has been working with organizations across the Middle East on team building and training programs that have given him the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of how people interact and work together to achieve their goals. This experience, coupled with an academic interest in the field, gives Andy a wealth of knowledge that he is always keen to share with others who are keen to find out what makes teams tick.