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Christopher L. White, Esq.
Sr Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), Washington, USA

Mr White serves as the Association’s Chief Legal Officer and manages AdvaMed’s Legal Committee to develop and promote legal policy positions enhancing patient access to medical technology.  Mr White also leads the Association’s global working groups on legal policy and compliance.  He testified before state and federal legislative committees on priority legal policy issues; led the drafting team revising the AdvaMed Code; and led the multinational negotiating team to draft the Kuala Lumpur Principles, harmonizing industry Codes of Ethics in Asia. 

He serves as a frequent speaker and author on industry legal and compliance issues. As Chief Legal Officer, he also manages the Association’s HR, governance, and provides counsel on contract, corporate, tax exemption, and legislative and regulatory matters.

Mr White is a graduate of Wake Forest University where he studied cell biology, and Catholic University Law School.

He is an avid sailor, cyclist and beekeeper.  

Global Trends for Code of Business Ethics for the Medical Technology Industry

Mr. White will identify and discuss key global compliance and anti corruption trends applicable to MedTech companies, particularly in emerging markets. He also will discuss the global strategic priorities of the Advanced Medical Technology Association, including, among other topics, AdvaMed’s work to establish principles for developing global, harmonized codes of ethics in the medical technology industry; development of tools and resources to assist companies with addressing critical areas of anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance work (ex: joint MedTech Europe-AdvaMed distributor guidance and the AdvaMed Compliance App); priorities and efforts to launch ethics and compliance resources – including the development of new codes, brochures, and other collateral in Brazil, India, China, and other emerging markets; current work in China to launch and implement a new China Code of Ethics and to work with companies to certify as to compliance with the China Code – in addition to partnering with Chinese industry and other stakeholders to advance the areas of ethics and compliance; and trends in industry rules and regulations regarding the delivery of value-based care, industry-provider partnerships, sponsoring health care providers to attend third-party educational events, and physician-industry transparency measures around the globe.