Below are the finalists for the Best Collaborative Project and their project descriptions.  The winner of this category will be announced on Tuesday, April 29th at the CITE conference.  Check in next week to view the Best Customer App finalists.


 Company  Project Description
Project Lead
BNY Mellon
Collaboration between the various lines of business and more than 200 IT professionals to make company's Digital Workplace program successful. Has included desktop sharing with video, social communities that allow service owners to blog about the activity in their space and others to comment on it. These practices have shifted IT from a hierarchical to a collaborative organization. Jennifer Wagner,
Program Manager,
Digital Workplace

Cisco Systems
Collaborative process used in development of Cisco eStore to coordinate among three IT teams and with 63 service owners and 169 others owning 720 unique offerings in those services. In addition, built strong collaborative relationships and ran monthly operating and steering committee meetings. Technologies included live video that was also recorded; social tools; cloud-based filing sharing and telepresence. Colin Seward,
 Senior IT Director           
Engagement on Demand (EOD) project that uses a combination of mobile, voice, video and document sharing to allow GSK and its affiliates to respond to questions from health care professionals (HCPs) about its products. Gives HCPs access to updated information about products from any web-enabled device, including tablets and smartphones, in a more timely and effective manner.

Sandra McKeown,
NAP IT Business Partner, Viiv HealthCare
Interport Police  
Adoption of enteprise social network to gain quicker access to insight and sensitive data, replacing email chains involving 200 - 300 recipients and irrelevant or out-of-context information. Platform allows people to follow relevant colleagues, applications, documents, projects and systems from any mobile device. Allows collaboration among police departments around the world.
Leandro Perez,
Global Head of tibbr Product Marketing at TIBCO Software
Unisys Corporation
Social business transformation that enabled 23,000 globally dispersed employees to connect, share and learn via an internally developed enterprise-wide collaborative social platform. Through communities of excellence, allows employees to engage with leadership and subject matter experts to evolve expertise, leverage knowledge and best practices, and share/crowd-source ideas that can contribute to innovation. John Knab,
Director, Knowledge & Collaboration Initiative