All new for 2014, the CITE agenda is designed around the five core areas below:

The Customer.
See case studies and learn about the approaches businesses are taking to improve the customer experience, from analysis of big data to anticipate customer needs to responsive design of digital properties to drive customer engagement. Topics will also include marketing strategies and technologies to improve customer service.

The Business.
See how organizations are using new technologies to enter new categories or achieve savings that fund innovation and its resulting impact. Sessions will focus on the processes and technologies behind new initiatives and business transformations involving big data, social collaboration, mobile enablement, wearable computing, new organizational structures and other areas responsible for driving new revenue in new ways.

The Workplace.
The consumerization of IT is often most visible in the office itself. From full-on workplace redesigns to accommodate device and platform choice to mobile apps, BYOD, social collaboration and more, you’ll learn how leading organizations are driving productivity and improving employee satisfaction and even using it as a recruiting tool. We’ll also cover governance and driving process change, however widely dispersed an organization may be.

The Technology.
Technology is at the core and the edge in business today, yet must work seamlessly and securely. Sessions will demonstrate how organizations solved particular business and technical challenges as they embarked on their journey to embrace consumerization and become a more agile enterprise. Topics include cloud, security, new types of storage, 3-D printing, unified communications and more.

The Edge.
New consumer technologies and those on the horizon may one day have a place in the enterprise. Sessions will focus on the startup community and the latest innovations to and inspire the enterprise audience – and challenge you  to envision your own business of the future.