Communication & Leadership Coach at The Kugler Company

Since entering into the work of coaching and teaching nearly 30 years ago, Drew Kugler has served dozens of organizations in the fields of professional services, consumer products, entertainment and media, technology, and nonprofits.  Drew guides individuals and groups to build trust, respect, and strategic optimism.  His work articulates the difficult choices involved in communicating vision and genuine collaboration and is grounded in a framework he has termed Constructive Candor.  Past clients include McKinsey & Company, Sony Pictures Entertainment, LucasFilms, Warner Bros., adidas, and Cedars Sinai Medical Center.  Drew is a highly regarded faculty member at Hebrew Union College.  Drew has been published in the American Lawyer; has appeared on CBS, ABC, and NPR; and has been a guest lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Stanford Law School.  www.DrewKugler.com