Company  Executive Speaker
 Project Summary
ARI Tony Candeloro, VP of Product Development
  • Business Goal: Asset Management/Supply Chain/Order Processing
  • Technologies Used: BI/Databases/Mobile
  • Project Description: ARI's Enterprise Telematics project aggregates, correlates and normalizes data captured by automotive telematics devices, allowing a fleet manager to see all aspects of fleet costs: the vehicle, the driver and the trip.
  • Innovation/Results: Within two years, revenues from the program had covered ARI’s initial investment. They now have more than 35 customers on the program, accounting for more than 10,000 fleet vehicles. ARI’s Tech Advisory team has engaged in more than 500 consultative projects with clients and is actively working with more than 70 telematics companies.
William Murphy, CTO
  • Business Goal: Strategic impact/competitive advantage
  • Technologies Used: Content Management/Mobile/Security
  • Project Description: Blackstone’s BX Access is an investor portal for clients that combines documents, analytics and CRM in a centralized, automated platform.
  • Innovation/Results: With advanced security features to protect confidential information, this new portal cut external vendor costs by over $500,000 annually and helped the business expand its assets under management by more than $47 billion since the portal went live in 2012.
Boeing    Clay Johnson, VP of IT
  • Business Goal: Security/Regulatory Compliance/Risk Management
  • Technologies Used: Collaboration Tools/Enterprise Architecture
  • Project Description: Boeing's ThreatNavigator is an incident management system that provides the company with early warning of critical risks, including HAZMAT incidents and severe weather like Superstorm Sandy.
  • Innovation/Results: User productivity has improved 80% based on estimates from responding to real emergencies with the use of ThreatNavigator. When emergency responders use ThreatNavigator to react to an emerging situation, response time ranges decreased; what took several hours to a day now takes six to thirty seconds.
CareFusion Joe DiPrima, VP, Procedural Solutions IT
  • Business Goal: Strategic Impact/Competitive Advantage
  • Technologies Used: Business Intelligence/Databases/Data Warehouse
  • Project Description: CareFusion’s BI 10X initiative provides key performance indicators, dashboards and other essential information through an in-memory analytics engine with significantly improved performance and usability.
  • Innovation/Results: A 45% reduction in cost and timeframe to generate new reports/dashboards. Lower total cost of ownership through business self-service and simplified BI architecture.
DFW Airport Sonya Bridges, Assistant VP
  • Business Goal: Operational Impact
  • Technologies Used: BPM/Collaboration Tools/ Unified Communications
  • Project Description: The DFW Portal Framework is a custom-built application foundation designed by internal staff and provides a solid, secure footing for swift deployments of portals and widgets that enable the airport’s operations.
  • Innovation/Results: The portals have increased communication, situational awareness and productivity. They also provide for rapid data sharing and business intelligence opportunities while saving the airport more than $600,000 in the first year.
Ewie Co.

Raman Mehta, CIO
  • Business Goal: Strategic Impact/Competitive Advantage
  • Technologies Used: Cloud Computing/SaaS/Mobile/Supply Chain, Logistics
  • Project Description: EWIE sought to maximize asset reliability using cloud computing, mobility and process expertise to power comprehensive solutions that it now offers to the company’s customers. This technology initiative helps the company’s customers move from an environment where assets run until they break to one with proactive maintenance scheduled based on information.
  • Innovation/Results: This transformation saves money, reduces downtime and improves operational efficiency.
Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life Matthew Braman, VP of IT & Administration
  • Business Goal: Strategic Impact/Competitive Advantage
  • Technologies Used: Customer Service/CRM/Mobile/Social Media
  • Project Description: Hillel, a Jewish campus outreach organization, developed REACH, a custom system that evaluates program success based on students’ Jewish growth rather than on the number of participants in Hillel programs. REACH is an online application for student interns and staff to track developing relationships with Jewish students on campus.
  • Innovation/Results: The system lets Hillel assess, in real time, the progress of interns and staff toward their goals and the impact the peer engagement initiatives are having on one campus or multiple campuses. Since its implementation in 2010, Hillel has raised student enrollment in REACH by over 1,000 percent – from 6,000 to 88,000 students.
Nielsen Shankar Iyer, Chief Engineering Officer
  • Business Goal: Strategic Impact/Competitive Advantage
  • Technologies Used: BPM/Collaboration Tools/Security Technologies
  • Project Description: Nielsen’s Audience Measurement for iPad product measures and reports the audiences of television content distributed via iPad. By encoding content using the same audio watermarking technology used for television, Nielsen’s system uses these identification codes to identify and track content distributed via iPad, from its origin to its final destination.
  • Innovation/Results: By providing behavioral insights across mobile devices, Nielsen plans to provide a revenue source for new video providers, television networks and advertisers.
NYU Langone Medical Center Nader Mherabi, SVP, CIO and Vice Dean   
  • Business Goal: Customer Impact
  • Technologies Used: Mobile/Security Technologies
  • Project Description: Within 48 hours of the Superstorm Sandy’s arrival, two mobile data centers equipped with a combination of IP telephony, chat and video conferencing and SharePoint, were designed to help restore the medical center’s vital IT services such as voice and data connectivity, as well as disaster-recovery capabilities.
  • Innovation/Results: This restored infrastructure is now considerably more agile and robust than previously, and enabled the center to resume clinical and educational operations within 6 days.
Ogilvy & Mather    Yuri Aguiar, Senior Partner & CIO
  • Business Goal: Strategic Impact/Competitive Advantage
  • Technologies Used: Collaboration Tools/Content Management/Social Media
  • Project Description: Built to replace a global knowledge management system, Ogilvy & Mather’s social intranet is a secure collaboration platform that helps 10,000 employees collaborate while taking advantage of a full range of social capabilities.
  • Innovation/Results: Because the system separates users into communities based on geography, customer account or interest group, each business unit can customize the intranet to encompass specific social tools, such as wikis, blogs, chat and Twitter feeds. Users at more than 400 locations -- can now log on to the intranet to create queries, gather data or share information globally with a single click.
Oregon Mutual Insurance

Bryan Fowler, VP & CIO
  • Business Goal: Financial Impact
  • Technologies Used: Cloud/SaaS/Databases/Mobile
  • Project Description: Oregon Mutual Insurance’s MiAgents is an iPad application that helps the company’s marketing representatives better engage with more than 650 independent agents by enhancing insight into agency performance while turning field intelligence into actionable data.
  • Innovation/Results: The insurer has realized a nearly 900 percent ROI in its initial 11 months of deployment and retained nearly $1 million in premiums that would have been lost if proactive action hadn't been taken by marketing staff.
Pitt Ohio Express   

Scott Sullivan, CIO & CFO
  • Business Goal: Social Impact
  • Technologies Used: Cloud/Analytics/Databases
  • Project Description: PITT OHIO Express designed SafetyBox, a Web-based safety, compliance and risk management system that monitors the safety performance of PITT OHIO commercial drivers through data and predictive analytics capabilities. Driver information, from accident reports to safety scores, is stored in the application so that users can track, manage, predict and report on drivers’ overall safety performance.
  • Innovation/Results: By combining driver information along with HR, legal, compliance and training data, Safety Box provides a more comprehensive view of driver performance so that PITT OHIO can reduce the costs associated with accidents and workers compensation. This integrated approach has helped reduce safety team staffing, as well as decreased worker compensation claim counts by 22 percent. 
Red Hat Lee Congdon, CIO
  • Business Goal: Financial Impact
  • Technologies Used: Collaboration Tools/Mobile/Unified Communications
  • Project Description: Red Hat created openUC, an Internet-based, open-source, unified communications solution that combines voice, video, instant messaging, conferencing, and presence information.
  • Innovation/Results: After a successful deployment, it’s been rolled out to all remote employees, and six of the company’s office locations as well, with more planned. In addition to providing a leading-edge unified communications system containing no proprietary software, openUC has reduced administrative and licensing costs and increased efficiency.