Tim's Expert Q+A

What factor plays a bigger role in a new project – lack of time or a small budget?
Lack of time.
When did you first realize you wanted to be a graphic designer?
It was during one of my first jobs which was screen printing t-shirts. That tactile experience really opened my eyes to the world of design and has influenced me ever since. (I still love t-shirt design.)

What was your first job in the design field?
Screen printer.

What is your favorite design tool? Why?
I love black Sharpie Fine Point Markers. In my early days at Publix I used to make a lot of hand lettered signs for Grand Opening Specials. You know, like, “Ruffles Potato Chips, Buy One Get One FREE!”. I learned some really cool techniques with those Sharpies. Oh, and the ink smell… yeah.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?
I would have loved to play professional baseball or basketball but that didn’t happen. I don’t know, maybe a fireman.

What does Boston bring to mind?
The Red Sox and Fenway Park. What do you plan to do while you’re there? I’d love to see a Red Sox game although I really don’t like the Red Sox. (Go Tigers!) But as a fan, I feel the need to experience Fenway.

Can you tell us a little more about your Conference topic?
What personal or professional experiences led you to this topic? I’m really going to focus on trying to provide relevant and meaningful content. I’ve spent many years building and leading an in-house team at Publix and I’ve learned a lot while doing so… from good and bad experiences. I plan to share some key points that hopefully will be of value for other in-house leaders.