Course Overview
On Day 1, participants will have an overview of the writing process from early childhood through proficient oral and written communication. They will share personal recollections of the place of spoken and written communication in their early years. They will interview each other and report out on their own young lives, their current personal and professional environments, and what they hope to change and accomplish in their future practice.
They will read and analyze samples of good journalistic writing and gain an understanding of basic journalistic writing skills, such as observation, note taking, recalling, and distinguishing between fact and feeling. In groups, they will be directed to perform a short movement piece and report on others’ performances. They will practice self-editing of these short writing exercises.
After a break, participants will view a filmed dance concert by Earl Mosley's Diversity of Dance*. They will observe and take notes on the choreography, music, performance, and impact. They will take notes on and discuss images, responses, and ideas. During the last hour, they will use their new note-taking techniques to write a 300 word paragraph capturing and critiquing the performance. They may continue writing and editing after the end of Day 1, but they must submit their review by 11:00 am of the second day.
On Day 2, participants will read their critiques aloud and share their ideas for editing. Having submitted their pieces via email, they will used a shared screen to read and discuss one another’s work.
Participants will practice self-editing and partner editing, and strategies for turning their new learnings into viable lesson plans for their classrooms. They will learn specific strategies for improving their writing, such as reading aloud, avoiding the passive voice, understanding punctuation, and eliminating unnecessary modifiers and transitions.
The course will end with a question and answer session and celebration of the participants’ finished pieces. The Q and A will include a discussion of transmitting these techniques to writers of all ages.