What is the reprint fee? $350 
Which RegType(s) does the reprint fee apply to? Exhibitors Only. Attendees/Faculty need to determine.
What is the child policy? No children are allowed at any time.
Are strollers allowed on the show floor? Strollers are not allowed.
What materials do the registants receive at the reg counter? Badge & Show Bag: directory, The Aesthetic Guide Magazine, promotional materials, sponsor products (if applicable).
Is photo ID required to receive a badge?   Yes
What is the procedure if they do not have a photo ID? The attendee/exhibitor must provide any other form of official identification.
How are substitutions handled? Exhibitors Onsite - will need to purchase a new badge.
Does the building have free wifi?  If so, please provide log-in information. TBD
How are Speakers registered? Speakers (known as Faculty) currently register via another registration system named EMC Soft. However, eventually plan to move into Aventri when all the capabilities required are provided.
How are the Press registered? They must provide press credentials and be clear on their attendance objectives. All requests must be approved by Stefani McGee
Is there a crisis or emergency plan?  
Can attendees pick-up other attendee's badges? Yes, but a photo ID for the other attendees must be provided.
Can exhibitors pick-up other exhibitor's badges? Yes, but a photo ID for the other attendees must be provided.
Is there transportaion provided to the airport?  
Do you have a mobile app? Yes
What is the refund policy? Cancellation must be notified in writing via email to: registration@miamicosmeticsurgery.com

- Until 30 days before the Event: 20% processing fees on the total registration

- Between 30 to 15 days before the Event: 50% cancellation fees on the amount paid

- From 15 days before the Event date or no show: No refund – except in case of “force majeure”, conditions detailed below.
Where can I get a certificate of attendance? Please email Anjail.Mitchell@informa.com to request your Certificate.
Can exhibitors alter their badge company name? Not without sales approval. Mindy Millat must approve any changes to the company name.