Title: Valve Maintenance (Hands-on)
Code: S&C211
Overview: Understanding how to maintain various valves above grade and below grade - procedures and requirements (including gate, plug, butterfly, precision, ball, heat transfer); heat transfer/area valves.
Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this session, learners will be able to:
  1. Complete a functional check to ensure valve is in proper working order.
  2. Demonstrate how to clean a valve.
  3. Identify grease gun types.
  4. Describe the types of valves used in underground operations.
  5. Demonstrate how to complete valve maintenance: lubricate and turn valve.
  6. Recognize valve failures.
  7. Demonstrate how to repair valve deficiencies.
  8. Assess valve position.
  9. Explain how distribution systems are isolated from one another based on heat value and odourization sources.
  10. Complete proper documentation and notifications when altering flow/opening heat area valve.
  11. Identify the types of valves used for this purpose in your area and describe how to operate each type.
  12. Explain how heat area valve operation has the potential to blend different pressures and affect all distribution system components (e.g., odourization).
  13. Recognize the importance of system knowledge (including plans) to assess impact including critical customers (e.g., hospitals, industrial processes, and power plants).
(MRTT 33, 33.1)