Title: Intermediate Pressure Regulation Theory
Code: R201
Overview: Regulators and Reliefs Intermediate (Types and components of regulators) Pilot Loaded/Unloaded, Self-operated, elastomeric/boot style, spring, relief.
Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this session, learners will be able to:
  1. Identify common types of:
    • Pilot loading/unloading regulators
    • Spring open/spring closed
    • Elastomer/boot style regulators
  2. Describe the types pilots and related considerations
  3. Explain pilot gain as it relates to accuracy
  4. Describe PFM requirements
  5. Describe best practices for applications
    • Gate/district/TBS/sales stations
  6. Illustrate the internal components and how they function.
  7. Explain control line locations
  8. Demonstrate the principles of operation and maintenance requirements.
  9. Describe test requirements.
  10. Recognize the requirement to always default to the manufacturers' instructions and recommendations. 
(MRTT 25, 25.1-25.14)