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A Few Important Notes:

  1. SupplySide Network 365 is FREE for all members through March 31, 2021. Starting April 1, 2021 a yearly membership is only $399.
  2. You only register once for SupplySide Network 365. You’ll register here, and shortly, will receive a follow-up email with access to the virtual platform.
  3. Your membership to SupplySide Network 365 includes access to matchmaking, content, in-platform events and 1:1 meetings with other industry members.
  4. Once you register, we’ll send you timely information on what’s coming up so you can add events to your calendar. An agenda of what’s coming up will be continuously updated and hosted on!

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If you are unable to complete your registration, SupplySide Network 365 will contact you by email and retain your details so that you can pick up where you left off. If you do not come back to complete your registration, your details will be deleted.