CMP Study Group - Virtual Beginning October 7, 2020

CMP Study Group - Virtual Beginning October 7, 2020

Why Not Study Virtually for the CMP Exam in these interesting times?

The Chesapeake Chapter's Marci Glavin, CMP,  will lead this virtual study group.

Cost is $150 for the course, plus your books, and will include weekly review of the material, guided study and expert speakers.

Register today or contact Marci Glavin
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PHONE: 443-866-4869

Additional details:

First you need to know that the CMP exam is administered by the Events Industry Council.  My class is only a study group to help you pass the test.

In order to sit for the test, you need to be accepted. You need either 36 months of work experience OR 24 months of work experience plus an industry degree.

More information on the criteria is available here:

You also need to apply for the exam and as part of the application process, you need to show 25 clock hours of continuing education within the past 5 years (CEU's).  That can be MPI meetings, PCMA meetings, ASAE meetings but it can also be any webinars or events you may have attended that are specific to meeting planning and/or project management.  If you haven't done so- you need to create an account at the EIC web portal so that any CEU providers can automatically upload your credits.

More info here:

If you don’t have enough clock hours yet- don't worry.  There are plenty of free webinars and articles you can read for CEU credits.  These can be done simultaneously while you are studying to take the exam. I can help you with resources to get the CEU credits.

For this class- you need to purchase the prep materials from EIC.  You need the EIC manual, The Glossary and the PMM Manual.

The fees for the exam are $250 to submit your application and $475 to take the exam.  Again- these fees are payable to the Events Industry Council.

The fee to take my study group is $150 payable to PCMA Chesapeake Chapter.   

Class will start October 7 and run 11 weeks. The class will last 90 minutes to 2 hours on one night a week- most likely Wednesday nights.


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